We are a South African company working together with scientists from the Russian Federation, which owns many innovative technologies around the world, as well as manufacturing products basing on them.

In 2012, a group of Russian scientists with the support of South African businessmen founded the SARUS Medical Solutions Company. The company’s main activity is development and research of innovative technologies as well as creation and promotion of products based on them

As our specialists and scientists have been working on research for more than 20 years, our company was able to present a number of developments and technologies that have no analogues in the modern world. The most important directions of our work are drugs based on nanotechnologies, as well as amino acid supplements, produced with the usage of essentially new technological processes and developments.

Our company has been conducting research and manufacturing products for 5 years in South Africa, which have been presented at various international exhibitions, for example, in Russia, South Africa, Tajikistan and etc.